Forest god

For time immemorial, people have been terrified by legends of an old impassable forest, wondering about the mystical creatures dwelling deep in her womb. Some Russian folklore reference firebugs and their magical power.

One of these dark stories tells of a person chasing after firebugs only to be lost in the forest never being able to return. Once in a while, a lucky adventurous soul is able to pass all danger allowing them access to a secret, mystical world within the forest. It is in this nearly impossible to reach space that the person will meet the Forest god. No one really knows his image because he thrives on tricking people in playful, but often cruel ways.

While at times whimsical, he is dark, old, and clever. Depending on its mood or on the person's fears and beliefs, he can change his image. So, better not to follow any firebugs into the Forest.